Gurukul Gulbarga

Gurukul Gulbarga

At Gurukul Institutes, We believe in "fuelling the quest for knowledge". In doing so, our commitments are in ensuring individual professional success which culminates in benefiting the society.

Creating a vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, putting together best of teaching talent. Gurukul Institutes is truly emerging as the nurturing ground for education. It is becoming synonymous with practical and qualitative -focussed education and is attracting students from across the state.

The fact that Gurukul's alumni are today a familiar face in the premier engineering and medical colleges is a demonstration of its total commitment to excellence in academics.


  • "Gurukul Award Ceremony 2013"

    Gurukul Award Ceremony 2013, on 23rd September in S.M.Pandit Rangmandir. About Rs.10 Lakhs was distributed as scholarships to 82 meritorious students. Click here for Photos

  • "Swagatam - 2013"

    "Swagatam - 2013" Photos
    Click here for Photos

  • PU-1 Results Announced

    P.U.Science: Asha P.Bilamge (96.33%) | Ujwal S.Mishra (94.5%) | Devanand P.Patil (94%)
    P.U.Commerce: Raza Hussain (92.17%)| Shambavi R.Kalshetty (91.83%)| S.Gobburkar(91.17%)

  • "Enlighten" Magazine

    “ Gurukul releases first issue of Magazine "Enlighten" || Read e-Magazine Here.

  • "Gurukul Cup 2013"

    "Gurukul congratulates winners of Badminton championship" Click here for Photos