It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the world of Gurukul. Over the Years, we have been able to create and impact in the field of Science, Management and all Competitive courses by incorporating the philosophy of ‘Quality in Education’. As you explore, you will realize that this philosophy has been adopted in every aspect that impact Quality learning.

            As we stand on the threshold of a new horizon, I reveal based on the memories of the bygone year contributed by the students and their achievements. In the plethora of options of world class education, this college transforms the pupil into bright and smart young adult infusing in them the corporate spirit to cope up with the needs of this demanding competitive world. Life is full of challenges. Always have courage and take pride in accepting these challenges, because only challenges and changes will help you find the goals that are meant for you. As we embark on a radically changing field of perception in a bid to acquaint ourselves, my pleasantries to all for a bright future.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SRI DINESH KULKARNI




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