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In this constantly ever changing society, the young minds are pitted with drastic changes in their environment. In these formative years they need a friendly, relaxing and natural learning environment. “Gurukul Academy of Learning” (GAL) provides all these to the students. With the ever increasing demand Of competitions, fast changing values, pressure of challenging career and increasing love for materialistic life it has become difficult for the individuals to maintain its prim values intact. We at the GAL try to imbibe values of hurnanity, culture and knowledge through education that enables them to adjust and adapt to the emerging society of heavy competition. it fosters them with the courage, optimism and the willpower not to give up during adversities. This is not just a means to communicate its thought but it also highlights the success and achievement of its pursuits. It gives an insight to ones thought and creativity through varied expressions. Our students have been able to leave their imprint in the path they have walked till now and the Gurukul Group of Institutions has carved a niche of its own in the educational hub. We hope this effort On the young minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many mile stones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence… Gurukul Academy of learning conducts vacation classes in English and Kannada medium for the SSLC & pre University Students in the Science stream coaching regular classes. Simultaneously the CA CPT classes are taken vigorously for the CA aspirants to launch the students into the globalised competitive business world.



GAL Highlights

Technology Enabled Classrooms

Intensive Classroom Coaching

Printed Course Material

Highly Experienced Faculties

Career Counseling

Seminars / Presentations

OBT & Surprise Tests

Model Question Paper - Practice

Preparatory Exams To Boost Confidence

Individual Care For Better Performance


Monthly Tests

Interaction with Experts

Attendance and performance report through SMS

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