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Vision Statement
We the Gurukul NEET Academy, Our focus is on the holistic development of each Student, and to give them a competitive edge with the help of an extensive curriculum and dynamic teaching methodologies. To provide single focus of training students to get into top medical institutes in India, We stand tall on delivering its promise towards result-oriented Coaching.
We believe
that nothing other than Smart Work can take a student to the doors of best medical institutions of India. This being the crux of his vision, the Gurukul NEET academy was founded to provide vigorous and challenging training to students who seek admissions at top medical institutes of the country.
Gurukul Vision
is to see beyond the narrow walls of the classrooms and textbooks and promote, out of the box thinking to empower every student to master the challenges of today and shape the worlds of tomorrow. We Endeavour to be the right mentor for NEET aspirants, while also helping them develop a global perspective. We prepare students for NEET exam by providing in-depth knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Our Academy has the Expertise faculty members from various places who are passionately dedicated to the constant up-gradation of the curriculum.

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  • Structured Lecture Plan
  • Regular Monthly Feedback
  • Well Planned Test Schedule
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting
  • Concept Building

Structured study materials

  • Synopsis, Tips & Tricks
  • Lecturer Student/Worksheet
  • Classroom & Home Assignment

Gurukul testing system

  • Daily Practice Paper-DPP
  • Weekly Tests
  • Monthly Tests, Term Tests
  • Grand tests

Gurukul Facilities

  • Highly Professional
  • Highly Experienced
  • Subject Experts
  • Dedicated To Serve Students
  • Library Assistance
  • Hostel Assistance




Gurukul NEET

Gurukul System

Structured Lecture Plan Regular Monthly Feedback Well planned Test Schedule Parent – Teacher Meeting Concept Building

Highly experienced faculties


Structured Study Materials

Synopsis, Tips and Tricks Lecturer Worksheet Student Worksheet Classroom & Home Assignment

Weekly NEET pattern examination

Individual care for better performance

Gurukul Testing System

Mini Tests – Weekly Tests Monthly Tests Term Tests
Grand Tests

Smart Classrooms

Library Assistance

Gurukul Faculties

Highly Professional Highly Experienced
Subject Experts Dedicated to subject

SMS alerts

Daily Classes Timing : 8am to 4pm

Model Question Paper Practice

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